Reduce Weight Fruta Planta


Fruta Planta is a 100% all natural weight loss supplement and is made from all natural fruit plants.

Lemon: This super fruit is a natural antioxidant. Lemon cleanses the body of toxins. It quenches thirst and water down the cravings for food, therefore, inhibiting the improper diet effectively

Bitter Melon: This tropical fruit contains bioactive compounds that are known for regulating metabolism. With alpha momorcharin in it, it has the function of stimulating digestion and reducing weight, especially has effect of preventing of abdominal fat accumulation

Papaya: It contains enzyme papain, which not only can break down protein, carbohydrates, but also fat, through the decomposition of fat, it can remove the fat and shrink the mast cell and promote metabolism and discharge the excess body fat timely

Mangosteen: Also known as Garcinia Mangostana, promotes natural weight loss. Scientifically proven to neutralize free radicals, help support a healthy cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system. This exotic fruit is packed with numerous bioactive capabilities such as antioxidants and other phytonutrients that promote healthy bodily functions.

Spirulina Maxima: This “vitamin enriched” blue green alga is an all natural appetite suppressant.

Fruit Gum: The all inactive fruit gum ingredient is an excipient; used in the granulation process to bind the Fruta Planta Diet Pills herbs being compressed.

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